With the help of our supporters, NFG can address some of the major challenges facing Sierra Leone. Challenges such as the spread of AIDS and malaria, poor education, lack of resources, and government corruption. Our approach to these challenges is a little bit different. More optimistic. Because while most of the world sees Sierra Leone as a country torn apart by a brutal civil war, we see it as a country where people can still live, smile, play and love.

We’ll begin in the Nyawa region of Sierra Leone with a view to expand to other regions in West Africa.

We will build and rebuild new schools to help foster better education for children.

We will build new clinics and rebuild old ones, promote health awareness and collaborate with organizations on the ground so medical issues that can be managed, will be managed.

And we’ll do it all carefully. Respectfully. Taking on smaller, more tangible projects with forseeable completion dates, allowing each achievement to be measured and accounted for. So we’ll focus on that. On progress. The future. On more smiles, education and growth. One project at a time. Because moving forward, everything we do, will help ensure that the joy which is inherent in all of us as humans is shared with the people of Sierra Leone.