Ambulance Project
Timeframe: 3rd Quarter 2013
Status: Ongoing



Jagbahun School Supply
Timeframe: 2nd Quarter 2012
Status: Complete

In the southeast region of Sierra Leone, in a small village called Jagbahun, we know a school that really needed help. The head teacher, Mr. John Musa, tries his best to deliver an education to about 300 children attending from surrounding villages and communities with very limited supplies.

Built in 1974, the school itself is run-down. Hardly a desk or chair occupy the classrooms. Although there is a chalkboard, there is rarely any chalk, and the children are without notebooks, pens, pencils and basic learning materials. But the school does have a group of warm, bright-minded children, each eager to learn and unleash their imaginations!

If you know us, you’ll remember that NFG’s mission is to make a difference in education and healthcare in W. Africa – one project at a time, starting in the Nyawa region of Sierra Leone. NFG sent pens, pencils, notebooks, drawing paper, books, chalk and other school supplies, as well as soccer balls, volleyballs and team jerseys so students can enjoy sports the way our children do! We believe that we all share in a responsibility to make sure that millions of children in far corners of our planet don’t get totally left behind. It matters to all of us!

Please take the time to watch this short video. It took a great deal of coordinating for the delivery, receiving, customs and hand delivery of the supplies to make it to the school. We're very proud of what we have accomplished. We would love nothing more than for you to join our efforts!