Jason Lamin
Meet NFG’s Chairman of the Board and President. Jason is a Co-founding Partner of Lenox Park, an independent Marketing & Consulting firm based in New York. But before founding Lenox Park, Jason spent 10 years working for Merrill Lynch in a number of capacities. He started as an analyst in the firm’s New York Investment Banking division in 1998.

He was always drawn to international opportunities, so after spending some time in New York, he applied for a position in Merrill Lynch’s London office and upon acceptance, spent the next four years marketing various products and solutions in Europe. Most recently, Jason was a Director in the Fixed Income group in New York.

Born and raised in Sierra Leone until the age of 13, Jason has always maintained an unwavering commitment to the betterment of West Africa. With the support of his family and friends, he has been fortunate enough to provide post-Civil-War aide to Sierra Leone over the past 15 years, helping to reconstruct schools, churches, mosques, health clinics and village water systems.

Nyawa Funding Group ("NFG") is the next step in the quest for assistance for Sierra Leone. By forming this organization and leveraging a vast network of friends around the globe, Jason hopes to formalize and broaden channels for much needed aide to Sierra Leone and W. Africa.

Jason graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Business Economics. He was selected as one of the Future Leaders at Merrill Lynch in 2006, a program run by Harvard Business School. Jason is also an active member of the United Nations Private Sector Forum, the World Policy Institute, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and a vigorous volunteer in his community in New York.